Wednesday Writing Warrior: Danae C. Little

I’m happy to have connected with the author behind the amazing story, Finding Home, Danae C. Little!

TSW: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Little: Being the oldest girl in a large family who also did foster care meant that I had many younger children to help care for and entertain. Creating stories and make-believe scenarios became an enjoyable necessity to keep the little wildlings calm. Also, writing and reading gave me the much needed escape from the chaotic world I lived in.

As I grew older, journaling became the way I coped with my ever-changing life. I would also dream up short stories, children’s books, novels, and poetry. I once craved to be the youngest published novelist!

Dreams may not turn out exactly as we hope, but the dream still exists. With wonderful, encouraging pushes, my friends and local writing group counterparts have blessed me with the confidence to finally do something on a professional level with my writing. Over the last four years I have published several books, journals, and a novelette. My debut novel, Finding Home (released Nov. 28th), is actually my tenth book!
TSW: In which genre do you classify your writing?
Little: As my bio suggests, I live a very eclectic life. I try to touch a bit on all my experiences which is why I have a conglomeration of books including non-fiction, baby journals, marriage journals, and fiction. My fiction normally classifies as romance or literary fiction – romance.


TSW: What books/short stories/novellas/poetry have you published, or what projects are you working on?



Non-fiction:   Carson’s Gifts: A journey through love, loss, and finally hope

Interactive Classroom Management: Interactive Tools


Journals:        Did You Hear That?

Did You See That?

Baby Blessings

Write Your Marriage Back Together (series of 3 guided journals)


Fiction:          Misplaced Love – a novelette

Finding Home (Book 1 of Homestead series) Released Nov. 28th

I am currently working on Book 2 of the Homestead Series as well as a short story from the perspective of a character from that series

For a complete list go to


TSW: What is your favorite writing resource, be it a book, website, program…?

Little: There are so many resources out there! My absolute favorite resource is my local writing group. Without those strong, supportive, and talented women, I would not be where I am today! There are many authors I follow like Jay Boyer who has a long list of resources and gives the best informational trainings including pdf sheets that go along with them! Katelyn Silva and E. Ardell have also assisted me tremendously, especially with marketing know-how.
TSW: Are you a plotter or pantser?

Little: I love this question! I happen to be both. When I write my non-fiction I am definitely a plotter. I detail very specific outlines to the point of practically having it written before I actually start writing. My fiction, on the other hand, is definitely written as I go. Many of my short stories and novelettes actually are born from dreams I have had. I wake up with them and the emotions they create within me, sit down at my laptop and write. Misplaced Love is an example of that.

Finding Home, the first novel I have published, started from a personal rant not meant for anyone else’s eyes. From there, Cora, the main character was born and the story unfolded on its own accord. There were times I lay in bed at night and wondered where my characters would end up, but almost every time, once I put my pencil to paper (yes, I did write the entire length of Finding Home by hand) I became the witness rather than the creator. Or at least it felt that way!  Much of the rant is now dispersed throughout the book, but it just shows how a quick free-write can create something so much more!
TSW: Can you give us a glimpse into your writing routine?

Little: The stage in life I live in the moment does not grant much routine or writing time. When our miraculous son was born, my husband and I decided for me to give up my teaching position so I could be home with him full time. It has been the best job, but also the hardest and most time consuming. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

That being said, I used to utilize my son’s nap time to write. He no longer naps, but we have instilled a “quiet time” in our routine where I sometimes get a chance to work on my writing. Pretty much at this stage in my life I write whenever, and I mean whenever, I am blessed with the time. I have been known to jot down notes or a scene at stop lights or while my husband runs into the hardware store to grab a few items.
TSW: What do you find to be the hardest part about writing?

Little: Right now the hardest part of writing is having enough time to get it all down. I sometimes wish my brain was a computer that I could download into a document. I would be unstoppable then!
TSW: What’s the first book that made you cry?
Little: The first book I remember that made me cry was Where the Red Fern Grows. It broke my little 8 year old heart!


TSW: What does success look like to you?

Little: What a complicated, deep question! Success has the face of happiness to me. If I and my family are happy and full of love, no matter what we do—that is success!

My dream though? I would love to be able to earn enough with my writing to travel the country with my husband and son or move to an even more secluded cabin higher up in the Sierras.
TSW: Are there any writers who inspire you?

Little: Every writer I have been honored to talk with inspires me. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true! Writers have such a distinctive and individual way of viewing life. Each one has something unique to offer this world!
TSW: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned on your journey as a writer?

Little: The biggest lesson I have learned on this journey is to trust myself. It is so easy to give in to self-doubt and criticism. The beauty arises, though, when we can truly embrace our own voice and trust what it says.


About Danae C. Little:

Danae Little takes real life and wraps it up neatly into something beautiful you can hold in your hands.

Life is dynamic and ever-changing and Danae embraces that, bringing an eclectic array of expertise to her readers. Checkout her author page,, for a full list of her books and journals.

Danae lives in a small town at the base of the majestic Sierras with the adventurous love of her life and their miraculous son. She spends her days feeling blessed to be chasing imaginary dragons in their magical forest and finding any quiet moment possible to put pen to paper.


Connect with Danae:


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