What is The Sentranced Writer?

Welcome to The Sentranced Writer! We’re here to help you take your writing from that very first spark of an idea to a shiny, polished manuscript, whether it’s plot, characterization, grammar, syntax — you name it!


We have a love for all things writerly and bookish. More so, however, we have a lot of love for authors of all types and genres — self-published, traditionally published, writers who write for themselves, Science Fiction writers, Romance writers, Memoir writers, Non-fiction writers… You get the idea. :)

Our belief is that you are a writer if you say you are. Throw away that old notion of being an “aspiring” writer! And more importantly, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We are all in this together as writers.

Writing is a lifelong learning experience. There are always opportunities to learn and improve our craft, which is why we’re here!


IMG_0796The Sentranced Writer is owned and operated by Allison Williford — dog mom, mental health awareness and suicide prevention advocate, and overall bookish nerd. She lives in coastal North Carolina with her husband and their dog, and enjoys lazy days on the beach with a good book (in between rounds of boogie boarding, of course).

Twitter Handle: @AlliW_writes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allisonwilliford1



image Katelynn Gilbert is an editor for The Sentranced Writer and attends college in South-Central Pennsylvania, though she is originally from Southern California. She has written several shorter pieces for literary magazines, and is currently working on publishing one of her novels. Outside of writing, she is pursuing a double major in Veterinary Medical Technology and Biology, with a minor in Animal Studies. She enjoys doing yoga, reading, and any activity that provides her a relaxing break in between writing and school.

Pinterest: @kategilbert095



Want to join The Sentranced Writer?

We are currently looking for new writers/bloggers to join The Sentranced Writer’s team! (If you’re strapped for time, guest posts are always welcome!)

If interested, please email allison@thesentrancedwriter.com with your name, email, all-time favorite book, and any writing-related experience.



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